Working With Your Podiatrist

Working With Your Podiatrist

  • Stinky Feet? What You Can Do About It

    Having stinky feet can be embarrassing. Taking off your shoes at someone else's house, or changing out of your shoes at home and smelling those stinky feet through socks can cause you discomfort. Your feet may even smell after you take a shower. If you struggle with smelly feet, there are things you can do to help. Read on for tips to help get rid of stinky feet. Wear Breathable Socks

  • The Dangers Of Self-Surgery

    Sometimes, when you have a problem with your foot, you look up ways to treat the problem at home. Home treatments are great for some injuries. For example, a sprain can be treated at home with a compression bandage and some ice packs to reduce inflammation. However, sometimes, home treatments are ineffective; or worse, they are downright dangerous. For problems like warts, blisters and calluses, ingrown toenails, cracked heels, and toenail infections, don't be tempted to try self-surgery.

  • Itchy Feet? Could Be Athlete's Foot - How To Prevent And Treat It

    If you have itchy feet, it could just be dry feet or maybe a mosquito bite, or it could be athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a fungus on the skin that causes itchiness and burning. If you don't take care of it, you could end up with peeling skin between the toes and all over your feet. Preventing athlete's foot is an important part of taking care of your feet. Read on for tips to prevent athlete's foot and how to treat it if you have this condition.

  • What To Do About Diabetic Foot Wounds

    When you have diabetes, you have a number of issues to worry about with your health. One of those issues is the care and maintenance of your feet. Even with the most attentive care, you can develop an ulcer or wound on your foot. Whether this is from an injury, accident, or from shoes that do not fit properly, wounds on the feet are something that can always happen when you have diabetes.

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Working With Your Podiatrist

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