Working With Your Podiatrist

Working With Your Podiatrist

Stinky Feet? What You Can Do About It

Lillian Kelley

Having stinky feet can be embarrassing. Taking off your shoes at someone else's house, or changing out of your shoes at home and smelling those stinky feet through socks can cause you discomfort. Your feet may even smell after you take a shower. If you struggle with smelly feet, there are things you can do to help. Read on for tips to help get rid of stinky feet.

Wear Breathable Socks

Wear socks that are breathable to help keep air flowing to your feet. This also helps to wick sweat away from your feet. Too much moisture can cause issues for your feet such as athlete's foot and even infections. Breathable socks can help prevent this moisture from sticking to your feet and causing odors.

Use Foot Spray Or Powder

Use foot spray or foot powder to help clear up stinky smells from your feet. You can also use these sprays or powders in your shoes as well. If your shoes begin to stink, give them a spray or add powder and leave them to sit overnight to help get rid of the smells. Spray your feet after showering and before bedtime.

Clean Shoes

Clean your shoes by placing them in the washing machine. Remove the insoles from the shoes (these can be sprayed or powdered) before putting them into the machine. Dry them either outside in the sun or in the dryer. Cleaning your shoes often can help remove smells caused by sweaty feet.

Replace Shoes

If even after spraying or powdering your shoes, or washing your shoes, they still smell, it may be time to replace your shoes. You should replace your shoes often, especially your athletic shoes that you sweat in frequently. These shoes can not only begin to smell over time, they can also begin to wear out and lose their support, which can also be bad for your feet.

Use A Foot Soak

Soak your feet in a foot bath at least once per week. You can add epsom salts and essential oils to the bath. The epsom salts can help get rid of toxins from the feet and the essential oils can help with the smell. Use peppermint essential oil or lavender oil in the bath—either is good for soothing tired feet and can help with odors. Soak your feet in the bath for at least 20 minutes.

If you have stinky feet, you aren't alone. Use the tips above to help get rid of those stinky smells from your feet. Visit a podiatry clinic for help with this and any other foot-related issue.


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