Working With Your Podiatrist

Working With Your Podiatrist

Itchy Feet? Could Be Athlete's Foot - How To Prevent And Treat It

Lillian Kelley

If you have itchy feet, it could just be dry feet or maybe a mosquito bite, or it could be athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a fungus on the skin that causes itchiness and burning. If you don't take care of it, you could end up with peeling skin between the toes and all over your feet. Preventing athlete's foot is an important part of taking care of your feet. Read on for tips to prevent athlete's foot and how to treat it if you have this condition.

Prevention Tips For Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot can occur in anyone young or old and in men and women. Nobody is immune to athlete's foot. Prevent this condition by:

Keeping Feet Dry. Make sure your feet stay dryMoisture is a major cause of athlete's foot, so keep your feet dry. Dry your feet after showering, bathing or swimming. If you have sweaty feet, keep your feet dry by changing your socks and wearing socks that are breathable.

Clean Your Feet. Clean your feet with soap and water whenever you shower/bathe. Make sure to scrub between your toes where fungus can be hiding.

Wear Shoes. Wear shower shoes whenever you are in a public facility like the shower or locker room at the gym, the pool, or the sauna.

Clean Your Shower. Your own shower or tub can contain foot fungus that can be the cause of your athlete's foot. Clean your shower/tub with bleach often to kill any fungus or bacteria.

Invest In New Shoes. Old shoes can contain foot fungus, especially flip flops, sandals and athletic shoes. Toss out those old shoes and invest in new ones to prevent the spread of this fungus.

Treatment Tips For Athlete's Foot

Treat your athlete's foot by using an anti-fungal foot spray on your feet and in your shoes. An anti-fungal foot cream can also be beneficial. Make sure to get in between the toes when using either.

Toss out any old shoes if your athlete's foot persists and wash all of your socks in very hot water and bleach. Keep your feet covered and dry to get rid of your athlete's foot fungus, even washing your feet throughout the day if need be.

Athlete's foot an cause a burning sensation that can actually be painful if not treated. If your athlete's foot persists, see your podiatrist for help with treating this condition. A medicated ointment may be necessary to clear up this condition. For more information, check out a website like


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