Working With Your Podiatrist

Working With Your Podiatrist

The Benefits Of A Bunionectomy

Lillian Kelley

A bunionectomy treatment is the removal of your bunions, which are painful bumps on the sides of your big toes or another toes. While the surgery itself sounds painful, living with a bunion is often more painful than the surgery. If you need any convincing to follow through with a bunionectomy, here are the benefits of such a surgery. 

You Will Walk Freely Again

People with bunions are often in so much pain that they hobble more than they walk. Some quit walking completely and opt for scooters. If you would like to be able to walk freely again without hobbling, surgery it is. 

Pain, Followed by Pain, Followed by...No Pain?

Yes, the surgery is painful. The bunions are painful too. However, most people report to their podiatrists after bunion surgery that the pain they had with the bunions was greater than post-surgical pain, and after everything has healed, they have no more pain. Consider that you would have a little extra pain to go through initially for the benefit of no pain long after surgery. Additionally, your doctor would prescribe pain medication, and that would numb up any pain you feel after your bunions have been successfully removed. 

You Can Wear Real (and Really Cute!) Shoes Again

Although your podiatrist would strongly recommend staying away from any footwear that forces your toes out of alignment for the sake of fashion, you can wear nicer and cuter shoes again. The bunions are no longer in the way of choosing shoes that will fit and be reasonably comfortable. You may even be able to ditch your orthopedic shoes for the first time in a really long time. Then, select shoes you like, but be sure to choose shoes that do not cram your toes into points or narrow toe boxes. If you have questions, a podiatrist can help you identify the types of shoes to avoid.

Your Feet Are No Longer Deformed

Bunions tend to make your feet look deformed. While not many people will be looking at your feet when you are in public, those with whom you are intimate might want to look at or touch your feet, which may make you feel awkward or embarrassed. When you correct the bunions, the feet are restored to their original appearance, and those intimate moments are not so awkward anymore. Your feet will not appear deformed, and you will feel much more confident about allowing people to see your bare feet. 


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